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DISPLAY PRICE TO LOGGED IN USER Extension forces customer to log in to see the product price. The customer can not see the product price and add to cart button if not logged in. A Contact For Quote form will be available on product detail page. The customer can request a quote from here without login and admin will get an email of submitted form details.

  • Hide Product Price from guest customers.
  • Hide Add to Cart button from guest customers.
  • Admin can add a "Contact For Quote" form on product detail page and get email.
  • Admin can manage all quote requests.
  • Admin can add or edit email template of "Contact For Quote".
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Extension Demo

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User Guide

Display price to logged in user Extension has a unique feature in which store owner can decide whether the Product Price is to be visible only to the logged in user. Apart from this feature, we have an extra feature of having a Contact a Quote button which can be filled by the user for getting a price and admin can also set the email template and view the form submitted.

General Settings

Ict Display Price to Logged in User Magento 2 Extension can be enabled from backend and once enabled the Feature will be active on front end.

  • Go to STORES >> Configuration >> Customer Price
  • Set the Dropdown Option to ‘Yes’ to enable the feature
  • We also have different setting available here.

Product Listing Page

Display Price to Logged in User once installed and configured from backend, you will see that pricing will disappear from Front-end products and user will see that "Login to See the Prices and Add Product to Cart"

Product Detail Page

Once you go on the Product Detail Page, you will observe that if you have enabled the “Contact Quote Button” to Yes, a button will appear on Detail Page, so if the user doesn’t wish to log in and directly get the quote.

Contact For Quote

Now if the user clicks on Contact for Quote, a popup will appear asking for some details.

If the user fills and submits the form, an Email will be sent to Admin.

Add or Edit Email Template

We also have the email template configured, so just select the template which is under Ict_Customerprice and you can edit the template as per your choice.

Manage Contact Quote

Once the Contact for Quote Form is Filled, its respective entry can be seen in the admin panel which can be managed and you can contact the users via Email or Phone.

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Version 1.0.0 ( Released on June 2017 )

  • Add "Contact for Quote" form.
  • Add email template for quote request email.
  • Compatible with CE: 2.0, 2.1
  • Compatible with EE: 2.0, 2.1

Version 0.0.1 ( Released on February 2017 )

  • Released stable version.