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Magento 2 Shop by Brand extension brings a wholly new level of looking up products for visitors The brand pages display on Home page, category pages, product page with brand name and a logo displayed bottom of the page.

  • Featured Brand display on home page.
  • Create unlimited brands with names, logos, banners, stores, descriptions.
  • Support featured brands.
  • Instant Search brands with alphabetically and keyword.
  • Bulk Import/Export brands via CSV.
  • All brands page and brand's page including all products.
  • Brands display on product detail page.
  • Brands will display according categories.
  • Support multi store.
  • Layered navigation filter brands on brand page.
  • Admin can assign multiple categories and products.
  • Use powerful WYSIWYG for brand description on brand edit page.
  • Customize SEO Friendly Brand Page URL.
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Extension Demo

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User Guide
User Guide

Magento 2 Shop By Brand extension allows customers to shop by brand in your store. This extension creates a custom brand page that displays a list of brands. By clicking on any brand will display a list of products under that brand. As well display on home page with slider as featured brand and also brands display on product detail page with pagination. Also Brands display on category page with slider. The Shop by Brand extension is really helpful in earning customer loyalty of buyers who make purchasing decisions on brand value. Extension is compatible with multi store. It makes easier for your customers to instance search with keyword and alphabatically. Shopbybrand works as layered navigation with filteration on brand page. This extension allows admin to display shop by brands sidebar block in brand page. Admin can add brand logo and banner for perticular brand. Admin can assign the multiple category and products while creating brand and also create category on same process. Admin can configure all the block like home page brand slider, category page slider, search by keyword and alphabatically on brand page etc..

Home page Featured brand slider

The Shop by brand feature brand work on home page. Display with brand logo and by clicking going to brand view page. There is no limit to display list of brands on home page in slider.

Admin can assign as featured brand set "Is Featured" Attribute while create brands. Admin can set the configuration for display featured brand block.

Category page brand slider

The Shop by brand display on category page with brand logo and by clicking going to brand view page. There is no limit to display list of brands on home page in slider.

Admin can assign as multiple categories while create brands. Admin can set the configuration for display brand slider on category page.

Admin can create category while create brands.

Basically brands will separate with category so customer can find easily any brands.

List of all brands

After installation diplay "SHOPBYBRAND" menu in menu navigation. By clicking menu display the brands list page.

There is list of brands with brand logo and name. User can search brands by alphabatically and by keyword on same page. By clicking any alphabate getting instance results with brands.

Alphabates only highlights those word which are display on brand page.

List of brands are display on layered navigation on brand page. By clicking any brand name will display with view brands page.

Admin can set the configuration for layered navigation block, searchbox and alphabate search box.

Brand details page

Brand detail page display brand banner, brand name, description. User can easily understand the brand details.

Products will display on brand detail page with pagination. Multiple products will assign from admin while create brand.

Products display with name, image and price so user can easily understand and getting perticualar product using brands.

By clicking on product or name you can get the product page.

List of all brands product page

List of brands display in tabing with pagination on product detail page.

Admin can assign the product while creating brands. Same as admin can assigned multiple brnads to single product.

In the tab will display name and total number of counts brand. so user will know the number of brands assigned to product.

Shop by brand admin menu

After the installation admin can see "SHOPBYBRAND" Menu with 3 submenus.

Admin can easily identify the list of brands, import/export page and configurations.

Easily understand the process to work with shopbybrand extension.

List of all brands grid

Admin can see list of all brands.

Admin able to change to status, delete the brands by multiple selecting checkbox.

Admin able to click on edit and change in any brands.

Admin can create the brand clicking on Add new shopbybrand button.

Create Shop by brand Information

Admin can set the brand name, SEO friendly URL, Status, Is Featured etc.

Admin can change the existing brands informations.

Admin can allows delete perticular brand.

Fillup Shop by brand Information

Admin can add the html content by wysiwyg editor.

WYSIWYG editor can help to upload videos, images, content formating, color, font family etc..

Admin can add new banner and logo. Also able to delete the logo and banner.

Compatible with multi store

After fillup the shobybrand info click on stores and getting list of multiple stores.

Admin can set the value of stores while create the brand.

Extension compatible with multiple store. Admin can just assign brand to specific brand.

Assigning multiple products

By cliccking on products tab admin can see list of all products while create brand.

Admin can search the products by name, id, type etc..

Admin can assign the multiple products for one brand.

Admin can change the page limit and reset the grid data.

Assigning multiple categories

By clicking on Categories tab, admin can see list of all categories.

Admin can search the categories by name.

Admin can assign the multiple categories for one brand.

Import bulk Brands

By clicking Import brands menu admin can see browse button.

Admin can import the CSV data sheet as per sample format CSV.

Admin can download sample CSV by clicking on sample brand CSV.

Check brands Sheet

Admin can browse the CSV data sheet as per sample format CSV.

After uploading CSV click on check data.

After checking data show the count of total entities, total errors.

File is ready to import successfully and click on import button.

Import process will take sometime as per records.

Shop by brand configuration

By clicking Configuration menu admin can see all the configurations.

Admin able to set the enable/disable extension.

Admin able to set display breadcrumb.

Admin able to set configuration for featured brand on homepage, brnad slider on category page, search box, layered navigation on brand page etc..

Admin can set the brand page URL.

Also set the prifix and suffix URL.

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Version 2.0.0 ( Released on April 2017 )

  • Add a functionality of import and export brands.
  • Add category wise brand slider.
  • Compatible with CE: 2.0, 2.1
  • Compatible with EE: 2.0, 2.1

Version 1.0.0 ( Released on February 2017 )

  • Released stable version.