STATE-WISE SHIPPING METHOD Extension allows the admin to select the multiple states for a specific shipping method. Specific shipping method will only appear in frontend for the selected states.

  • Allows access to select multiple states for specific shipping method.
  • Allows access to select different states for different shipping methods.
  • Eliminates unnecessary shipping methods from the frontend for a specific state.
  • Shipping methods will only be displayed in the selected state.
  • Ability to provide privileges to specific state with respect to shipping method.
Extension Demo
Extension Demo

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User Guide

Statewise Shipping Method Extension has a unique feature in which Store owner can select which Shipping method is to be allowed to which state, based on the country selected. It can be very useful for the vendors in eliminating unnecessary shipping methods from specific state.

General Settings

State-wise Shipping Magento 2 Extension can be enabled from backend and once enabled the Feature will be active on the front end.

  • Go to STORES >> Configuration >> Stateshipping
  • Set the Dropdown Option to ‘Yes’ to enable the feature

Ship to specific state

State-wise Shipping once installed and configured from the backend, an extra field for "Ship to specific state" will appear and you will see the State drop-down based on the country selected in Store Configuration >> Sales >> Shipping Methods.

Frontend Shipping Methods

Now once configured in the backend, when user will add the product to cart and enter the country and its state, the respective shipping methods selected in the backend for that state will only appear.

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